Our research group is open for support from external donors. This may include commercial parties, health oriented institutions as well as private donors. We consider and handle these along the following ethical guidelines:

  • Donations go to our group’s official ‚Drittmittel-Konto‘ at Ulm University. Donations to to this account can only be used according to the academic expense guidelines of Ulm University. As a donor you are entitled to receive a certification for a tax-exempted donation for your contribution.
  • We do not accept donations that are associated with an expectation that we try to prove a particular claim or hypothesis. While we may be willing to conduct a study in a particular field of fascia research, the related study design as well as the interpretation and publication of the data (in a peer reviewed journal) will need to be under our complete control, in which we attempt to secure a high scientific quality and try to avoid the impact of potential expectation biases to the highest possible degree.
  • We will declare all related financial support to us in our scientific publications. In addition we will make them transparent to the public. Regarding the level of detail of this transparency we intend to follow the high standards of Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (www.transparency.de).
  • As a donor you are also permitted to declare this support from your side for our research activities to the public, if you wish. However, in doing so please refrain from giving the impression that your association with us includes any kind of endorsement of your activities or products. An exception are related statements which we have clearly endorsed in advance.
  • For the advancement of science it is important that ‚negative‘ study results are published as well. In case a well-done clinical or experimental study from us therefore does not confirm the original hypothesis, we will nevertheless submit the study results for publication without accepting any pressure from outside donors towards the opposite.